Rară Neagră
Grapes - 100% from the vineyard of Gospodriei Taranesti "Alexandru Cojocaru". The grapes used to produce this wine were grown and harvested on the small Cojocaru family farm, the vineyard, of only 2 hectares, was planted in 2018, located on the right bank of the lower Nistru River near the village of Cioburciu, Stefan Vodā, in the famous Purcari area.
100% selective hand-harvesting, in 10 kg crates. Grape cooling to +7 ゚C.

Cryomaceration of the mustule 4 days after destemming. Fermented in stainless steel vats at average temperatures of 22-25 ゚C with native and selective yeast mix.

20% of the wine matured in new Carpathian (Transylvanian) oak barrels for 6 months, with batonnage and careful monitoring of the evolution. 80% of the wine vinified and aged in stainless steel vats, with 6 months of batonnage.
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