Glou Glou
100% of the vineyard of Gospodariei Taranesti Terzi.
The grapes used to produce this wine were grown and harvested on the small Terzi family farm, the vineyard, of only 0.8 hectares, located near the village of Gaidar, Ceadâr-Lunga, in the heart of Bugeac.
100% selective hand-harvesting, in 10kg crates.

The grapes were initially pre-chilled to +6°C, then gently destemmed to keep the berries maximally whole. We went with cryomaceration, then partial carbonic maceration for 5 days. After that the must was separated from the berries, i.e. drained into another vessel, where fermentation continued to the end on indigenous yeasts. This allowed us to obtain a strongly fruity wine, very light and with soft tannins.

5 months of contact with fine yeast sediment, with batonnage and careful monitoring of the evolution, to give the wine creamy texture and fullness of flavour. With this wine we didn't do degassing, so notes of effervescence can be felt.
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