Fetească Neagră
For this truly noble wine we selected the best grapes from the famous Purcari region (IGP Stefan Voda), where Fetească Neagră has been cultivated since 1812 and is considered an autochthonous variety. We chose a small plot with an eastern exposure, where the grapes ripened slowly, were protected from the scorching sun, and received enough moisture.
100% selective hand-harvested, in 10kg crates. Grape cooling to +4 ゚C.

Cryomaceration of mustule 4 days, fermentation with mix of indigenous and selective yeasts.

80% of the wine, in stainless steel vat, 8 months in contact with fine yeast sediment, with batonnage and careful monitoring of the evolution, to give creamy texture and fullness of flavour.

20% of the wine matured 8 months in new Carpathian (Transylvanian) oak barrels.
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