Blanc de blanc
Grapes - 100% from the vineyard of Gospodriei Taranesti "Donea Ion". The grapes used to produce this wine were grown and harvested on the small Donea family farm, the vineyard, of only 7 hectares, was planted in 2002, located near the village of Taraclia de Salcie, Cahul, in the heart of Bugeac.

100% selective hand-harvesting in 10 kg crates.

The grapes were initially pre-chilled to 0°C and loaded into the press directly, without destemming, for a more gentle pressing and minimizing intervention at the must stage.

Fermented in stainless steel vessels at low temperatures of 12-13°C with indigenous and selective yeast mix.

Malolactic fermentation was only partially allowed to run, in order to add texture and a more delicate taste.

Base wine maturation and secondary fermentation:

For 8 months, 100% of the base wine sat in stainless steel vats in contact with fine yeast sediment, with batonnage and careful monitoring of the evolution, to amplify the structure and restore fullness in taste.

Secondary fermentation took place in the bottles and was initiated with selected yeasts immediately after adding liqueur de tirage.
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