TE WA. wines
Time will tell

TE WA, „time will tell" in Maori, is a wineful result of the creative spirits of two female enthusiasts who wanted to make some of the finest limited editions the Moldovan terroir can create.

After globe-trotting from Napa Valley to New Zeeland in search for the best wine experiences, they dreamed to make a wine that could send frissons of electricity down their spine. And they did it in Moldova.
Led by a fondness for exploration and a passion for great wines,

TE WA is a wine label that represents a pure expression of the natural elements:

the regeneration

the rebirth
the pure joy

At the heart
of TE WA
is the love for nature and the indulgent experiences that do not always come with a price tag like the freedom to enjoy a breathtaking view for hours and living well amongst the simple pleasures and gifts from Nature.

Our wines tell the story of our bond with the land, and the extreme forces of nature – giving a taste of a new, rustic, luxurious lifestyle. It is all about sharing daring adventures and following its own path, whilst savoring the simple pleasures of life.

"Time will tell"
what the tide will bring next.
Pursuing the idea of nature, each of our labels tells a story through the beautiful photography of the talented designer and photographer Mihai Stamati. His lens managed to immortalize authentic rustic landscapes representing the entire quintessence of the Moldovan people: their connection with the soil, nature and its wealth.
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